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Atlanta’s Day of Coordinator, Important or Not?

What Does a Day of Coordinator Do? A day of coordinator starts working with you about four to eight weeks before your wedding day. The role of a day of coordinator is to check in with your vendors to review signed contracts and verify details, creates comprehensive timelines, itineraries, and floor plans, does a final walkthrough of both the wedding service and the reception venues, manages the rehearsal, handles any details that were omitted and supervised everything on the wedding day. Day of coordinators typically spends about 25 hours working on your wedding before the big day.

A wedding coordinator is logistically focused, but on a shorter timeline than a planner. They normally begin helping you plan a month before the wedding and function as the sole point person on the wedding day. They will verify vendor records and create a detailed timeline, as well as ensuring that things like guest counts and payments are in order, but won't be involved in the earlier planning phases or keeping track of your budget.

What Do I Need to Provide My Day-Of Coordinator? Regardless of whom you hire, create a folder for your day-of coordinator. It should contain a complete copy of every contract, a vendor list with names of the staff who will actually be on around on the day of the wedding along with their phone numbers (so they can be reached the day of the wedding), and a timeline of what is happening on the big day. Your day-of coordinator will generally help you put together your timeline.

What do day-of planning services generally cost? Day-of coordination can vary between $800 to $2,600 depending on the area, day of coordinator's experience and the specifics of the wedding. Are the ceremony and reception located in one place or different? Are there any extra details like dessert-bar setups, midnight snacks or food trucks? Will the celebration last until 2 a.m.? These aspects can all affect the cost.

Most brides are often eager for their wedding day since they were young, and many refuse to let anyone else plan their wedding other

than themselves! That being said, these brides also know that their wedding day should be fun and bliss, not stressing over every detail going as planned and rehearsing each segment of their wedding to perfection.

The wedding day coordinator service is one of the most common services offered by wedding planners and one of the most requested by intending couples. Why? Because this service gives brides and grooms the serenity and peace of mind, they need to enjoy their wedding day, avoiding worries and stress. Knowing that a trusted professional is present in every moment of the event to keep everything under control is what they need to feel relaxed and carefree. The wedding day coordinator, in fact, is present throughout the wedding day, to make sure that everything works according to plan, and is always ready to intervene to solve any possible inconvenience, without annoying the newlyweds. Here are the top three reasons a future bride and groom might benefit from hiring a day of wedding coordinator.

Peace of Mind When your wedding day is a week away, and the venue supervisor is calling to ask you about your seating arrangement, the merchants are asking for the final day program schedule, the interior decorator has questions about how to locate the wedding venue, the confectioner wants to know how much space there is in the refrigerator, all of this while you have to work, welcome your visitors and make sure you don’t lose your mind. Suddenly you realize that you are in urgent need of help to put all of this together and this is where a day of coordinator becomes useful. A day of coordinators will take on the organizational process including helping you with your day of timeline, contacting all of your merchants, taking care of all the service that needs to be done on the day of your wedding. By employing a day of coordinator, you are not only assured to have everything run more smoothly on your D- day but also less stress leading up to it.

Elimination of Stress A day of coordinators job is to take all of the stress away from the soon to be couples and their families. By being the principal contact for all of your merchants, a day of coordinator allows you, your spouse and your families to enjoy your big day and not have to worry about anything. Once your day of wedding coordinator contacts all of your chosen vendors, they will know that all prospective correspondence

should be addressed to the coordinator. A part of a coordinator’s duty is to contact all your vendors a week before your wedding, go over all the wedding items with them as well as email them a final copy of your day of timeline.

A Day of Wedding coordinator Acts on Your Behalf on Your Wedding Day The big day is finally here. You have friends and family in town that have flown miles to be there and that you haven't seen in years. The last thing you want is your caterer calling you while you're getting your hair fixed asking questions about your order. Your wedding coordinator will be the sole point of contact for all merchants on your wedding day so that you can relax and have fun.

Not having to coordinate the rehearsal. One of the vital roles of a day-of coordinator is to run the wedding rehearsal, i.e. directing the groomsmen and bridesmaids on where they will be standing, in what order they should line up, and the outline of the service proceedings. Not having to organize this on your own means more quality time to spend with your friend and family before the big day.

In Conclusion, for couples that choose to plan their own wedding, they should still consider hiring a day-of coordinator. Employing a day of coordinator is a small investment that will pay off in a big way. You will be more comfortable and able to enjoy your wedding knowing that everything is well taken care of.

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