• Rosemarie Rodriguez

New Year, New Plans, Free Consultations

The time has came so fast, it is now the hour of planning. But where does one start? How does one find the best deals? Everything starts with deciding what type of wedding you are dreaming of.

How many people do you envision in this wedding? How many bridal party attendees are you planning to have? Will you have lots of family in town or some traveling from out of town? Where will they stay? So many things to think about when it comes to planning. These are only the beginning basic questions you may ask yourself.

FREE CONSULTATIONS: ( Why is this so important?) There are many times when couples need guidance on what to do, when and where to get started.

Having a free consultation gives the couple a clear understanding of how important it is to stay organized, and understand the amount of appointments, back & forth conversations that are needed throughout the process to create a beautiful story for all to see.

If you are a friend or family of the couple, this is a wonderful gift that will cost you nothing but a large sense of appreciation from the couple them self.

Look for your favorite planner and ask if they offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. Most Planners do, we love to hear new love stories and help those that are looking for the best help anyone can give the. The peace of mind on your wedding day is the best feeling any couple should have.

Lots of Love

Rosemarie Rodriguez


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