• Rosemarie Rodriguez

Oh Covid 19... Now What?

For many it has been such a difficult time. A few sick, unfortunate loss, and lots of cancelled/postponed special events. There are so many individuals going through a spiritual and emotional adjustment. Every one trying to deal with whats going on at the same time trying to keep the sun shinning bright in our lives.

I would love to send my condolences to those that have lost loved ones, and have had to shift many plans around.

Keeping in mind of those that have lost jobs, and are now becoming home school teachers for their children. Stay strong and confident that this will make us all stronger.

Although there are so many changes going on in the world you are very important and can not forget about your happiness. This can be a very stressful moment for many that had plans to get married, engaged, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Here are a few tips to get you started and motivated to move forward with your plans.

How to re-start your wedding plans?

Make a list of what you can not cancel but postpone in services. This means that your deposit was non refundable, but they are willing to reschedule your date. These are the vendors that you want to keep in mind to contact once you book a new venue.

How do I book a new Venue?

Many times the exact venue that you were booked with will consider a new date for you, but for those that do not have the luck of choosing a new date, you can always check with your current vendors. Many times vendors have a list of venues that they love to work with and can possibly get you a great deal. Hiring a planner would most definitely help remove all this stress. Although it may be an extra unexpected expense an experienced planner will not only remove your stress but will have a list of vendors/ venues that are looking for clients. Be sure that you ask for reference when booking a planner, this would give you the chance to build confidence in the planner them self.

What type of wedding should you have ?

Many couples are considering an elope package for the wedding. This not only will save you money but it will also help you plan something more intimate. Lots of family members are not able to travel, or will not have the founds to travel.

Couples that have over 100+ guests are moving there weddings to 2022 due to the lack of availability venues have for 2021.

Want to save money on a Covid 19 wedding?

Perfect Moments Event Planning is now offering LIVE Professional Virtual Planning for all DIY brides, and New Planners that are trying to grow their business. This gives you access to unlimited contact with a professional Planner along with access to amazing and affordable vendors that would love to work with new clients during this tough planning time. 6 months access for only $349.99 (Value $600)

With these simple steps you now have a good head start.

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