• Rosemarie Rodriguez

The Next Bridal Boutique Show in the Planning

Although we all get a little set back from time to time, we need to sit back and analyze what works and what doesn't. Through out this process of planning the FIRST Bridal Boutique Show, my partner Jennifer and I have came across a few bumps in the road. These bumps were part of the learning process that anyone goes through when planning an event that involves so many important people for an unforgettable evening. We are now in search of a new location to host the bridal boutique show that will take place in January 2020. If you know of a great location or have a gem of your own and would like to host the event, please do not hesitate on filling out a vendors form. We would love to see what's new out there and help anyone get publicity.

Bridal Boutique Show by Cumana Couture on Paper and Perfect Moments Event Planning is in progress.

Thank you for everyone that Is on the look out for more information, and all of your support and love is greatly appreciated.

Lots of Love:

Rosemarie Rodriguez

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